Practice Approach

Marie Edwards, Counsellor

I am a fully qualified, registered counsellor (and social worker) with 10 years’ experience working in the fields of child & adolescent mental health, family violence, community and hospital settings, and hospice/palliative care.  You will be welcomed with a combination of professionalism and down-to-Earth warmth, no matter what issues have brought you to counselling.

My approach is informed and guided by the ideas and principles of Narrative Therapy, Collaborative Practice and Solutions Focused/Brief Therapy. These approaches put you and your strengths at the centre of our work together.  Narrative Therapists view problems as being outside the person – shaped by your history, relationships and the influences of ‘social norms’ – rather than being ‘just the way I am’ or ‘just how it is’.  Respectful, non-blaming therapeutic conversations create the space needed to take a step back, see problems for what they are, and to generate new possibilities and solutions.  My clinical background and training means my practice is also supported by evidence-based cognitive and dialectical behavioural principals (CBT/DBT).  This includes skills-based mindfulness, emotions regulation and relaxation work.  I am used to working with individuals, couples, families and parents.  I am experienced in working safely and effectively with children and adolescents aged 5-17 years. I’m always happy to have a ‘no obligation’ discussion about my approaches and your search for the ‘right fit’ counsellor.  Look forward to talking with you!  Marie.

Overall Wellbeing

My own mixed NZ heritage (Maori, Scottish, British, Maltese), as well as my work with people of all backgrounds, means I have the kind of understanding of diversity and cultural difference which can’t be taught in a classroom.  I work on the premise that our emotional, physical, family and spiritual health and wellbeing is interconnected.  My clients’ feedback is highly valuable to me, and I will regularly ‘check in’ with you about the helpfulness and effectiveness of our work together. I’m passionate about these ways of working, and am happy to answer any questions you might have about it.

My Professional Training

I have a Bachelor of Social Practice majoring in Social Work, and Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling. I am a full member of The New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). NZAC is Aotearoa’s main professional counselling body, which works for/with counsellors to support and maintain safe, effective, ethical practice.  I am also a social worker with full SWRB registration and competency.

I regularly consult with my professional supervisor as per NZAC requirements, and through private supervision I get to reflect on my practice, often taking fresh new perspectives back to client sessions. I engage regularly in ongoing professional development, and have access to the latest training in evidence-based approaches.       

I have a rich professional background working in both mental health and community settings with high risk youth, their families and caregivers. I am experienced in the field of domestic violence, and am comfortable working with both survivors and perpetrators.  I also specialise in working with anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship work and trauma.

Alongside my private counselling practice, I have worked full time as a social work clinician in the field of child & adolescent mental health (WDHB and Youth Horizons Trust), a SHINE advocate and volunteer, ADHB Social Work Practice Supervisor, and currently in my work as counsellor with Hospice.  I love this highly rewarding work, and bring a lot of experience and training forward into my private practice from it.

My Personal Background

I was born and raised in South Auckland, have lived in Central Auckland for most of my adult life, and am Mum to a thriving 18 year old young man. I love being out in nature, my pets, music, reading, learning Te Reo Maori, travelling (looking forward to seeing more of my own country under the current restrictions!), creative journaling and art, and enjoying all that this beautiful city has to offer! I have completed, and continue to make, my own life journeys. I have a wealth of life experience, which at times is as valuable as professional training when it comes to relating to others! I identify as NZ Pakeha-Maori (Iwi Te Rarawa with Scottish, British and Maltese heritage), and am genuinely interested in the stories behind your journey.  I look forward to learning about the people, places and things which are precious to you.





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